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Go Somewhere Even If It's A Close Somewhere

VA Beach AA Photo 2015

If you live in a congested, fast pace city like I do, then you know all too well what a change of scenery can do for your wellbeing. If you're a millennial living as a full-time artist on the east coast then you also know that this change of scenery may occur a mere stones throw from your cozy studio apartment. If this is the case, consider it a blessing in disguise. Take it as an opportunity to explore a facet of your city that you've always been curious about. Relocate close by for a few days, Perhaps a sweet little bed and breakfast on the trendy artsy side of town. Or if your funds can take you a little further, bus it to the beach! Take your pick. Point is, just go somewhere even if it's a close somewhere. Don't fall for the endlessly romanticized cross-country or international excursions. Kudos if thats your thing but trust me,there are many affordable ways and places in which one can do the absolute most while spending the absolute least, setting aside a little extra for some oh so necessary luxuries.

Every year my family plans a trip to Virginia beach, VA. I've experienced several versions of this vacation over the years but in the last two or three, I feel I've mastered the perfect Adult getaway with the perfect amount of stimuli. I used to bring along a bunch of friends from school or whomever I was dating at the time. We'd get a few rooms along the waterfront, meet for the occasional family meal and for a complete 7 days were left to our own devices. Now, since my habit of bringing excess baggage along has totally diminished, heres how i plan to spend my week at a near by beach and completely get my life ;)


This rule applies to clothing as well as company and in the last few years i've certainly acquired a lot more of one than the other.. As someone who loves to dress and has a hard time not packing her entire wardrobe and beauty room, i've got a few surefire ways to slay on vacay.

  • Pack one outfit per day with accessories that can take each ensemble from daytime to nighttime chic.

  • Keep things loose and flowing with sheer layers, form flattering patterns and drapery for effortless glam.

  • Keep accessories to a minimum. Bring a few pieces that complement each outfit from shoes to jewelry while sticking to an overall theme (i,e; gold or silver hardware, natural materials, colorful resins/ acrylics etc.)

  • Minimize your beauty and skincare routine without minimizing your signature beat. Bring only your holy grail products and stick to a neutral look that goes with everything.


Now you may be able to pack the perfect suitcase but you can't always bring along the perfect travel companion. Since me and my partners schedule rarely coincide, having my best friend along with me on vacation is not always an option. And being at that age where you begin to shed friends like dead skin, you start to enjoy the benefits of going it alone instead of making it a group thing. Dont be afraid to be by yourself. Go on vacation and do all the little weird things you like to do when no ones watching. Tune into you and keep it light with your own baggage. Bring little to no work along, write, meditate, spark one up, listen to your favorite music and just relax.


Now this may seem ass backwards to most but heres the deal. Preparing for a vacation is a process and you may not be able to squeeze in that mani-pedi or facial appointment before you take off. No worries, schedule a spa day and luxuriate at the start of your trip. You can even bring along all those sheet masks and bath bombs you've probably been hoarding and do some in-room pampering. Then strut your glowing skin and well manicured digits out on the beach.


While social media continues to keep our tits in a vice grip, it is abundantly important that you take a break from it from time to time. We are attached to our phones and various screens as if they were some form of life support. If its not important (which it rarely is) then it can wait. Update your status in the sand and keep it moving. Capture your good times and save the sharing and uploading for the ride home


Forget your alarm clock. Wake up just in time for a late lunch if you please. Stay up late with your favorite book and a good bottle of wine on the beach. Pull an all you all nighter, take a cat nap at dawn then get up for a mid morning swim. This is your time and you've earned it. Do exactly as you wish when you wish.


If you're a lady who likes her booze then this should be of particular interest to you. Instead of weathering the tacky dive bar scene that most beaches are known for, why not bring the best of cocktail hour to your hotel room or suite. Set aside an area and create a petit, well stocked "tasting station" that you can enjoy between restaurant visits. I like to make a trip to a local grocery store, stock up on assorted olives, nuts, meats and cheeses and pair them with a few craft beers, a crisp white, a rosė and either a bottle of premium vodka with assorted citruses or a good single malt scotch. Simple, satisfying and always classy. Then again if you're not into being your own bartender, scout out local wine and spirit tastings in the area. Whatever you choose, still make it a point to go out and experience the best of the best food and fun amidst your vacation destination.


Regardless of how you plan on spending your time away, just be sure to make the very best of it. Close to home excursions can be incredible. The coins you save on travel expenses can be put towards making your time even more special or at least be a little extra in the bank upon returning to the real world.

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