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When The World Says No...

It has become quite the trend to stumble upon the written ramblings of a millennial who wants more than they are willing to work for but when does the world stop and take a look at the handful of hardworking young beasts out here in the untamed, new age wild who dare to think, live and move differently than the average human being? As a working creative, I am certainly no stranger to the word "no" along with it's countless sugar coated euphemisms that seem to take up more time than the disappointment that often follows. In all of my diligent efforts to become more than an ordinary woman, I have been met with more than my fair share of sobering halts.

A single no can easily throw you off of your idealistic mindset of how things are supposed to pan out; but you brush yourself off, lick your wounds and put yourself back in the game. Nevertheless, a few well-placed no's help to build an immense amount of character that is necessary in the long haul. Assuming you aim for only the most valuable of yeses, the right "no" can jolt you right out of a crippling comfort zone that may, in fact, be stifling your growth. After which, you're forced to reevaluate your given perspective and overall approach to the product you're peddling.

So lets say you're out in the world, humbled by hardship whilst pushing the most realized, most conceptually articulated version of your art along with all it's good intentions when a barrage of continuous no's continue to shoot at you from every conceivable direction. Sure, a few bones get tossed your way but not enough to sustain you on your journey to that one opened door, that one "yes". What is to become of your tattered moral then? Now please dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that success, happiness or otherwise lies within a thumbs up from one well-to-do source willing to pay you not just in coin but in attention -I know that nothing is ever that simple, like ever! But even the most resilient creatives have their tipping point.

If the pursuit of art and the alternative lifestyle that follows are of any importance to you, here are my top 5 ways in which I hurtle all of the no's, the never's and the not right now's that come along with the lifestyle of living in and off of your art.


Just when you think you're "out there" know that there is even more "out there" to behold. Theres an untapped niche for every artistic agenda -and if there isn't, make one dammit! Sounds easier said than done but if you truly want to evolve and stay relevant in your craft, you will show face and start a revolution by any means necessary.


A hindering comfort zone may show itself in many forms; a shitty 9 to 5, an unhealthy but familiar living situation, or a complacent mindset just to name a few. These comfort zones may be hard to identify, it's not called a comfort zone for nothing. The labeling of such may put an end to some luxuries that were hard to come by in the first place. But if you find yourself stagnant and uninspired, it may be due to a few of your favorite crutches. Try stepping outside of yourself and get uncomfortable for a bit. Practice exploring the antithesis of your learned behaviors and venture away from your given normal.


Part of succeeding is not caring who sees you fail. Nothing beats a failure but a try and most people dont even do that. Do yourself a favor, eyes on your own test! There are no awards given for worrying about the next mans moves. And lets say you never get the green light or the approval you hoped for, is your passion enough to sustain you regardless? Your honest answer to that question will keep you centered in spite of all upheavals of faith.


Be content at any stage of creating, for the yes you seek may be the one you've been denying yourself all along. Allow yourself the right to readjust your outlook on the greater picture. Your personal zenith may be a far less glamourous yet all the while rewarding existence of living, experiencing and rendering honestly without all the pomp and circumstance of the main stream. You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need… Let the stones tell it!


I will say that I have seen far more assholes break through the glass ceiling than nice guys, but at what cost? Its not in my makeup to lead with an aggressively arrogant foot. A bit of ego is expected, welcomed even, but the guys who clap louder for themselves than their audience does have, in my book, missed the point. Know who you are, know your worth but stay humble. Your innate talent will inevitably set a place for you at any table without you ever having to announce your arrival.

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