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Evolution Beauty

Since I was a young girl watching wrestling in the mid 90's, I have always had a strong admiration for women in the field- not only for their contributions to such a male dominated industry but for their ability to lend a certain sexiness and subtle glamour to an otherwise gritty sport.

Since making a welcomed shift from the cheesy lingerie and mud slinging matches of yesteryear, the fierce women of the WWE today carry with them a striking glamorousness that withstands their rigorous in-ring performances. They come down the ramp adorned in all of their glam squad glory and leave the ring still resembling some version of a rough and tumble beauty queen. It's pretty spectacular!

As we gear up for this sundays first ever, all female pay-per-view, Evolution, I thought it totally necessary to salute these beautiful bad asses in my own way. Below is the culmination of two of my greatest obsessions; make-up and pro-wrestling. In my ideal world, my favorite Total Divas would be the faces of some of the most coveted makeup on the market. The realms of pro-wrestling and the beauty industry are as closely tied as they have ever been. Night after night, these women put tons of product to the test. There is no greater testament to the quality of a brand than having it hold up in the ring. Leaving me to ask the question, Is your beauty Evolution proof?

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