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The Bolton Hill Open Mic Series (a.k.a B.H.O.M.S) was founded by poet, visual artist and host Alex R. Alexander on January 31st 2013. At the dawn of a new year and upon the discovery of a newly renovated space in Alex's neighborhood of Bolton Hill, she recognized a need amongst the community for a new twist on a speak easy/ open mic experience. For  several years prior to making the event official, the space was originally designated for art students to have somewhere to paint. Being one of those art students, Alex often held cyphers and small drum circles long before realizing her huge potential for drawing an audience.  After consulting with the owners of the space, it was quickly set in stone, the The Bolton Hill Open Mic Series was set to launch on the third friday of every month starting March 21st 2013.


"Our mission is to highlight and showcase the most remarkably innovative artists in performance culture.

We strive to preserve the authenticity of the traditional speak easy/ open mic experience

while simultaneously building upon an already sound concept."

                                                                                                                  -Alex Alexander



The flyers went out, the stage was set, the mic was on and the first featured artist was the remarkable E The Poet Emcee hailing from Philadelphia PA. The events humble beginnings were experienced by an audience of few. But the months went by and the show went on as word quickly circulated throughout the city. 


"By the time our first summer showcase came around, we welcomed our largest audience to date. Standing room only. Our open mic list was filled to capacity and our feature that evening, Love The Poet, was in rare form. Looking around the room at all the glowing faces bearing original sounds and the most organic high energy around, it was abundantly evident that a glorious movement had been born. "


Alexander created not only an outstanding event but a truly one of a kind experience. The diversity of her reach, her innate skill of creative branding along with the strength of the scenes vigorous involvement has made The B.H.O.M.S one of the most remarkable forces in performance showcasing that the city of Baltimore has ever seen.


At the wake of the series 6th year running, the Bolton Hill Open Mic continues to bridge artistic gaps with its unique platform. Promising one inspiring experience after another. Living up to it's tag-line, "Fearless features… powerful performances" Its The BHOMS!









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