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Top 10 Topics Coming Soon To The High Yella Bella


1. Tough Be a Lady!

What it's really like to know and be a woman when all her masks and capes are set aside. All the things we'd like to say if the world were actually listening.

2. Booze 'n' Proper

Who doesn't enjoy a good drink these days? Come with me to the best bars and boutique "drinkeries" in the DMV

3. Mic Check Yourself!

The inns and outs of being a writer and semi-professional performance poet/ vocalist navigating through a subculture of raw talent and raging narcissism while remaining authentic to the art form.

4. Beating for the Gods + Goddesses

What it takes to put your best face forward and how to own your style when the world is telling you who to be.

5. Finding Forever

How I managed to find a forever kind of love in a society obsessed with mainly temporary matters of the heart.

6. The Bisexual Truth

What it's like to ACTUALLY be bisexual and how women really maneuver through the stereotypes surrounding their orientation. Also, reasons why the monogamous relationship is not only possible but practical for the lifestyle.

7. Dinner for One (The Dining Dolo Series)

Going "solo-dolo" for date night is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Let's look at where to go, what to eat and my personal obsession and love affair with Baltimore's culinary scene.

8. Uploading & Overdosing

Why social media and it's addictive conveniences are turning us all into self absorbed, right swiping, selfie sharing zombies. And no... that's not a good thing.

9. Reclaiming the Art of Being Black

Some people put on "black" like a costume complete with interchangeable accessories and all, while others are simply born into their beautiful blackness. I'll talk about what it's like wearing the crown and bearing the burden of your heritage while escaping the "white washing" of our culture.

10. The Highest Yella Bella

Why pot smoking stigmas are really what's bad for you. And how the plant has proven itself to be one of the most potent creativity enhancers that won't leave you swinging from the chandelier.

...And much much more!



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