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Cheer Up Buttercup... Heres How :)

These days it's easy to get caught up in the malaise of everyday life. We take on the weight of our day to day obligations and forget how to properly unload and unwind. Few have mastered the art of self care yet all of us could benefit from a little more me time. Here are a few ways to bring a little happiness and joy back into your life.

Leave Work At Work

When you come home from a long day of doing things for other people, take off your shoes, get out of those clothes and leave those work week woes at the office. We've all seen that meme insisting you take care of you first because when you perish your job will be listed before your obituary. That's the harsh reality of working for "the man". However, even if you're an entrepreneur working for yourself, remember that your empire runs best if you're firing on all cylinders. Don't burn yourself out while hustling. The fruits of your labor are best enjoyed while well and conscious.

Cook Your Favorite Meal

When we're down in the dumps, it's easy to stuff ourselves full of things that aren't good for us. Whether it's fast food or a belly of cheap booze, these quick fixes will always do more harm than good. Sometimes nothing lifts your mood quite like a tummy full of home cooked goodness. So ignore that new taco spot that just popped up on Uber eats, take a raincheck on 1$ margaritas with the homies and tap into your culinary side. If you can't cook, perhaps this is a good time to learn. Subscribe to a decent meal kit service or go grocery shopping for that one thing that you really really like to eat. The process of preparing a meal works like meditation for those who have a hard time silencing the noise. Chopping herbs, blending flavors, adding heat and plating an insta-worthy dish is super satisfying in more ways than one. Pair your masterpiece with a good bottle of wine or a few craft cocktails and you're golden.

Do Something For Someone Else

As a people in todays society, we are more self absorbed than ever. Our charitable works are few and far in between unless there's a chance of capturing it on social media for all the world to see. Genuinely helping someone in need is a good way of shifting the focus to something other than our own problems and hang-ups. These deeds can be as simple as giving someone a complement or sharing a meal with a friend or coworker. Breaking bread with the next man is a great way to check in with those around you. You may discover a commonality amidst your efforts that uplifts and strengthens one another by means of like-thinking. Any act of kindness, no matter how small, feels good and does something amazing for the moral of all parties involved in the exchange.

Make Love

The term, "making love" sounds somewhat cringy and antiquated but when broken down to it's literal meaning, the act of making love encompasses a plethora of very necessary gestures. Start with yourself. Masturbation is one of the most intimate forms of self care you can engage in. Explore your body to the point of climax. Just like sex, masturbation stimulates the release of mood-boosting endorphins that can act as a natural antidepressant and also aid in achieving a restful nights sleep. Or if you're booed-up, grab hold of your partner and just go to town on them. Chances are we all could use a sweet release.

Take A "Me" Day

Make a list of all the things you like to do and check them off one by one. Go to that art opening, finish that book, take in that movie you've been meaning to see, book a full day of spa treatments and make reservations for one at your favorite restaurant. If you can master the art of going on dates with potentially lame ass people then you can surely master the art of dating yourself. You might even get lucky at the end of the night ;)

Keep A Journal

I find that journaling is a good way to check in with yourself, re-direct your thinking and channel your inner writer. Far too often people turn to Facebook and Twitter to compulsively express their various insights. This kind of over-sharing leaves nothing sacred. These platforms cheapen what has the potential to be an otherwise cathartic train of written thought. A tactile journal is a nearly forgotten form of therapeutic privacy. Recap a series of events, explore a topic of interest in a think piece, write lyrics, make lists, keep track of your goals or set new ones. There is a fascinating silence involved in the writing process, one that is necessary in gaining some perspective and connecting with your inner voice.

Treat Yourself

I like to suggest this one often but honey, sometimes getting that notification that your package has been shipped is enough to get you through the rest of the day. So buy that pair of pumps, purchase that plane ticket and go ahead and pay that extra $2 for guac. You deserve it baby!

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