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"Striking, Insightful, A Little Peculiar Yet Ultimately Fierce..."

The High yella bella is the culmination of all things striking, insightful, a little peculiar yet ultimately fierce. resonating from the progressive vibrations of the modern black woman's perspective. and It isn't too often you come across the well executed realizations of Richard Pryor's ramblings mixed with the sense of style and hustle of the late the great Joan Rivers pared with the soul and timbre of Miss Nina Simone all resting on the palette of the barefoot contessa meets an Anthony Bourdain. type.

And if you're still reading, I appreciate you :)

At a time where subtlety and nuance go overlooked and the superficial and easily obtained reign supreme, I, The High Yella Bella,. will make it my solemn duty to remind you that some of your best life will be lived unplanned while in your worst outfit and that ugly is sometimes a kind of beautiful that you're not privileged enough to see yet. I'll remind you of why its important to take or be present in as many photographs as you possibly can and that going out to dinner for one isn't a chore of solitude but a privilege of maturity and a lesson in good taste.

So grab yourself some scotch or hot cocoa, unhook that bra and get cozy. lets see where this experience takes us next!


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